GoldenRest Adjustable Bed Remote Controls

Luxury Model Information:

GoldenRest Classic Adjustable Beds

The GoldenRest Classic Adjustable Bed comes with a wired remote control. The wired remote control can be used from either side of the bed depending on how you run the cord. It is a simple remote with just 4 functions. Two control the up and down movement of the head section of the bed. The other two control the up and down movement of the foot section of the bed.

GoldenRest Premium & Elite Adjustable Beds

Both the Premium and Elite Adjustable Beds come with wireless remote controls. These wireless remotes have illuminated buttons and feature position memory. Three different positions can be stored, allowing you to quickly move your GoldenRest bed into your favorite one. Addition buttons are present to flatten the bed, stop all action, and control the independent dual massage units along with their speed and wave motion settings.

Dual King beds come with two wireless remotes, one for each side of the bed. Dual King remotes are programmed for each bed, however they cannot be operated simultaneously.

Traditional Model Information:

Traditional Model GoldenRest beds come standard with wired remote controls. Controllers have attached brackets that allow you to store them where convenient. Dual King beds come with 2 remotes.

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