GoldenRest Unveils Exclusive New Line of Adjustable Beds

Raleigh, NC - December 4, 2009 - GoldenRest is rolling out its new line of exclusive adjustable beds. The all-new GoldenRest adjustable beds are described as luxury products sold at affordable prices. The new line of adjustable beds comes in three distinct product classes: the Classic, the Premium, and the Elite. By giving shoppers a choice, GoldenRest wants to accommodate adjustable bed consumers with every kind of budget. To coincide with the launch of the new exclusive GoldenRest adjustable beds, GoldenRest has also revamped their online store at to better demonstrate the benefits of owning an adjustable bed.

The new adjustable beds are exclusive GoldenRest products and are only available through GoldenRest. Visitors of the GoldenRest site will notice that all standard bed sizes are available and that the key distinctions between the Classic, Premium, and Elite models are featured prominently on the main page. Visitors will also notice that the prices of the adjustable beds are listed along with the descriptions, which is uncommon among sellers of adjustable beds.

All GoldenRest Adjustable Beds come with free shipping and "white-glove" delivery. This means that the delivery team will carefully move the new bed in, set it up, and remove boxes and other packing materials so that the bed is ready to use from the start. GoldenRest Adjustable Beds also guarantees their products with a leading warranty plan, covering all parts and labor in-home for the first year. The Premium and Elite Adjustable beds have an optional second year of full coverage.

The GoldenRest Classic Adjustable Bed is the entry-level adjustable bed and is priced competitively. The GoldenRest Premium Adjustable Bed is a step above in luxury and comfort, featuring a wireless hand controller, dual massage, and an optional bamboo-fabric "Z-Mat" with a spring core. The GoldenRest Elite Adjustable Bed comes with the high-quality bamboo "Z-Mat" standard, along with the wireless controller and a premium massage function. The bamboo "Z-Mat" has a special zip cover, allowing the user to replace the mattress topper with any kind they prefer. GoldenRest customers who purchase a model with the Bamboo "Z-Mat" will be able to swap their mattress topper for a different one free of charge within the first 120 days after purchase.

GoldenRest's online presentation of their exclusive adjustable beds is designed to stand apart from their competition. Tim Ziehwein, GoldenRest's VP of Sales, said: "We've done exhaustive research on our online competition. As far as adjustable beds are concerned, our site is the only retail site that lists the prices directly, right next to the beds. Isn't that hard to believe?" GoldenRest expects to thrill their customers with their unique combination of exclusive luxury adjustable beds and upfront pricing.

GoldenRest has been a leading retailer of adjustable beds since 2003. Their new line of GoldenRest Adjustable Beds is available exclusively at and visitors are encouraged to call their Adjustable Bed Experts, open seven days a week, for answers to their questions.

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