GoldenRest Adjustable Beds Teams Up With PowerReviews

Raleigh, NC - November 23, 2009 - GoldenRest Adjustable Beds recently began displaying product reviews from their customers at their online store at From each product's information page, GoldenRest's customers can now see helpful reviews and recommendations from their fellow shoppers as provided by PowerReviews.

The implementation of the PowerReviews system is intended to help GoldenRest's visitors feel as though they are not alone when they shop for adjustable beds, mattresses, linens, bases, or accessories. By being able to see genuine reviews from verified buyers, provided by a reputable third party like PowerReviews, GoldenRest's visitors can see a more complete picture of the products on display. GoldenRest wants to show its customers that their confidence is well-placed.

GoldenRest is even offering their customers an incentive to leave a detailed review of their recent purchases. In the coming months, GoldenRest will be offering their customers and PowerReview participants special promo codes and e-coupons for large discounts on future online purchases. Tim Ziehwein, GoldenRest's VP of Sales, commented on the new arrangement: "GoldenRest was already the only online provider of adjustable beds to feature a wealth of information, including actual prices, on the website. Now we're also the only adjustable bed retailer to feature honest reviews from real customers, too. Anyone interested in an adjustable bed will find everything they are looking for at"

GoldenRest Adjustable Beds has been a leading online provider of adjustable beds since 2002. Their exclusive GoldenRest brand of adjustable beds has set the standard for quality and affordability in the marketplace. GoldenRest is one of the few providers of adjustable beds on the internet where consumers can see full information and prices for each product. Now, consumers can also see product reviews for each bed provided by PowerReviews.

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