GoldenRest Announces its New Website Design

Raleigh, NC - November 13, 2008  -- GoldenRest proudly announces their new website design changes. Users can now compare all of the bed models GoldenRest offers in a side by side comparison view showing all of the features each one has. This is so users can quickly identify which of the adjustable beds might suit them best. In addition, all of the bed models are on the left side pane, as well as on the home page with a brief description to give the consumer a quick idea of what each bed can offer. Pricing is clear and stated up front with every option chosen to eliminate confusion. New images have also been added to offer a clearer view of the products the customer is interested in.

There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to getting a new bed and GoldenRest hopes to make that decision easier with their new changes. “We hope to make our website more comfortable to use for any customer thanks to these changes,” GoldenRest’s website designer stated. GoldenRest believes that the consumer should be informed while shopping online and not rely on hidden pricing models or cheap gimmicks.

Easy navigation and plentiful information are key goals to GoldenRest’s website design. They hope to attract a broader customer base and simplify the bed shopping experience.

About GoldenRest: GoldenRest is an adjustable bed company based in the U.S.A. that offers high quality at factory direct prices. They have no showrooms, so they can pass those savings along to their customers. They believe in a low markup on their products so that they can make money and at the same time their customers get a great deal. When both sides get a good deal, it means long term satisfaction and steady quality.

For information:
Phone: 1-800-790-5117

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