GoldenRest Defeats Economic Slump by Lowering Prices

Raleigh, NC - August 23, 2008 - In this time of economic gloom, some companies still uphold their values and still serve their customers first. GoldenRest Adjustable Beds is no exception, as they have just lowered their prices on their Dual King adjustable beds. Since the price is the only thing that has changed, you can still expect the same great quality and comfort that GoldenRest is known for. They still come with the same features as before and shipping is still free of charge with in-home setup. What exactly does this mean to the consumer? It means that GoldenRest treasures its customers and wants to offer them the same quality beds, for even less, so the customers can afford more.

All Dual King adjustable beds are like having two beds in one, because each side acts independently from the other. These new lower price changes affect a few Dual King adjustable beds. There is the Standard Dual King adjustable bed which features independent head and foot adjustments and a premium, no-flip spring mattress. Then there is the Supreme Dual King adjustable bed which features the same things as the standard with the addition of a dual motor massage to help you truly relax. GoldenRest also offers another version called the Ultra Pedic, which has the same features as the previous two but with a visco-elastic memory foam mattress instead. This type of mattress conforms to your own body allowing for a more comfortable sleep because it takes the pressure off of your body.

For those that need a Dual King adjustable bed for more medical purposes, GoldenRest has not forgotten you. They have a Dual King hi-low deluxe adjustable bed that will suit you perfectly. It has independent head, foot, and hi-low adjustments which can allow for easier access to and from your bed, especially if you use a wheelchair or if someone needs to help you. It also features 3 standard types of orthopedic mattresses to choose from.

GoldenRest likes to reward its customers with honest prices and no gimmicks. Lionel, a product marketer for GoldenRest states, "Other companies may try to lure you in with offers such as a free TV that you may or may not ever even see, but we rely on no such gimmicks and instead turn to true value and quality." They also show all of their prices up front so you may shop and compare more easily before committing to a decision.

GoldenRest is a company that is beating the economic slump by offering the same quality adjustable beds that they always have, at lower prices with all the same features included. Even the increased cost of fuel is not slowing them down as they still offer free delivery. Visit GoldenRest's website at to take advantage of their price drops or to learn more about them.

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