GoldenRest Mattress Topper Exchange Program

Topper Exchange ProgramAt GoldenRest, we understand that it's impossible to put a price on a good night's sleep. That's why we include a free mattress topper exchange with the purchase of any Bamboo Z-Mat mattress for your GoldenRest adjustable bed. If you purchase a Bamboo Z-Mat mattress from GoldenRest, whether it has a latex core or a spring core, you are entitled to exchange the mattress topper which is included with your Bamboo Z-Mat mattress for another one if you find you would prefer a different thickness to better suit your comfort level.


How Our Exchange Program Works


  • The original purchaser of a GoldenRest Bamboo Z-Mat Mattress qualifies for one (1) free Z-Mat Topper exchange. This topper exchange may be made at any time within 120 days of the purchase.
  • The original purchaser is responsible for destroying either the original or the new topper within 30 days of receipt of their new Z-Mat topper and submitting proof to their GoldenRest representative. A digital photo of the destroyed topper, emailed to the sales representative who assisted you with your purchase, will generally suffice as proof of destruction.
  • If proof of destruction of the mattress topper is not submitted, the original purchaser may be charged for the price of the topper, including delivery charges we may incur for shipping.


If you have additional questions about our mattress topper exchange program, feel free to contact our representatives by dialing 1 (800) 790-5117 for more details.

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