GoldenRest Adjustable Bed Base Information

Luxury Model Information:

Classic, Premium, and Elite Adjustable Bed Bases

Whether you choose a Classic, Premium, or Elite adjustable bed base from GoldenRest, you will own an adjustable bed that is built to last. All three of our adjustable bed bases share the same design - this is why all three models carry lifetime warranties.

Classic, Premium, and Elite Capacities

Classic, Premium, and Elite adjustable bed bases feature a 450 pound capacity. This is 50% higher than the industry standard 300 pound adjustable bed base capacity. With a 450 pound capacity you are much more likely to be able to use our full or queen size beds with a partner. Owners of the most popular GoldenRest adjustable bed size, the Dual King, will enjoy a 450 pound capacity per side.

Classic, Premium, and Elite Head and Foot angles

Our new adjustable bed bases have a wider range of motion than previous models and a wider ranger than the competition. If you like to have your head raised high, the head section of our beds can move to an angle of 62 degrees. If you like to have your feet raised high, the foot section of our adjustable bed frames can move to angle of 52 degrees.

Classic, Premium, and Elite Base Trim

New GoldenRest adjustable bed bases do not use wood trim around the bottom of the base. We have found that most of our customers either do not need the trim or are actually hindered by having it there. This design makes our Classic, Premium, and Elite adjustable bed frames compatible with a wide range of headboards, footboards, and even full frames.

Hi-Low Adjustable Bed Base Information

Our GoldenRest Hi-Low adjustable bed base has the ability to move vertically, in addition to independent head and foot movement. And due to its additional Hi-Low ability, our Hi-Low Adjustable Beds have a 300 pound capacity. Dual King Hi-Low adjustable beds have a 300 pound capacity per side.

Traditional Model Information:

Traditional GoldenRest Adjustable Bed Capacities:

Our Traditional model adjustable bed frames are rated for 400 lbs. or 600 lbs. Twin adjustable beds are rated to 400 lbs. Our Dual King, which is made of 2 twin adjustable bed frames, is rated 400 lbs. per side, for a total of 800 lbs. Finally, our Full and Queen adjustable bed bases are rated to 600 lbs.

Acid Reflux Model Information:

Acid Reflux Bed Capacities:

Our Twin, Full, and Queen Acid Reflux model bed frames are rated for 600 lbs. The Dual King size, which is made of 2 twin Acid Reflux bed frames, is rated 600 lbs. per side, for a total of 1200 lbs.

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